Indian Chemical Society


About the Chapter

One of the most glorious moment of Bhagalpur is the establishment of Bhagalpur Branch of Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata in 2018 hosting and organising 55th Annual convention of chemists with a view to promote teaching, research and outreach activities clearly. We are facing the problem of sophisticated laboratory equipments for pursuing higher advanced research strongly oriented for rural development and improving the standard too. The Bhagalpur Branch has always been an integral part of the advanced researches in chemistry and opening up the new vistas of research by
organization of National and International seminars and Acharya P.C. Ray lectures series. The deliberations of the seminars have benefitted to the larger extent to the students, researchers and the faculty. The activities of the society
acted as a tool for mapping and analyzing local environmental problems. Prof. D. C. Mukherjea, the then President and Prof. C. Sinha , the then Secretary and the council have been kind enough for approval of the establishment of the Bhagalpur Branch. Prof. G. D. Yadav, the great scientist and National science chair is coveting the post of the president of the Indian Chemical Society, Kolkata. Acharya P.C. Ray garden has been established in the university department of
chemistry, T.M.B.U., Bhagalpur in 2018 in honour of the Prof. P.C. Ray, father of modern chemistry.


Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha


“I am confident that Indian Chemical Society Bhagalpur Chapter will lead to the promotion of research to hasten the process of development.”

– Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha