Heavy Meatal Remediation Lab

Heavy Metal Remediation Lab

Heavy metal remediation laboratory has been established by Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha, University Department of Chemistry, T.M.B.U., Bhagalpur. Research scholars are engaged in the research work related to heavy metals. The laboratory has collaboration with Dr. Sujay Kumar Samanta, Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering of IIT Patna. Five students have been awarded Ph.D degree from this laboratory under the supervision of Dr. Ashok Kumar Jha and six scholars are doing work in the laboratory at present leading to the award of Ph.D. degree.

Heavy metal remediation laboratory aims to achieve enhanced progress in the removal of heavy metals from soil and water. Low cost bentonite abundant in Rajmahal hills, are being used as an ecofriendly green substance to remove heavy metals. The laboratory provides an opportunity to make an important contribution in paving the way for sustainable methods of heavy metal remediation. The researches in the laboratory enables the research scholars to move ahead with strength and confidence in the field of science. Science has given vast number of inventions which need to be implemented from the lab scale to land scale. 

The HMR laboratory has the credit of publishing scientific articles in journals of National and International repute. Quality researches being done in the laboratory will definitely share its quota in the National development in coming days ahead.